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I'm a long time educator and sometime musician who plays guitar and Native American flute and sings to the winds. I have a BM In Music Education (UMass)and a MS in Leadership and Business Ethics from Duquesne University... now finishing PhD in Education with Walden University My interests lie in understanding moral judgment and development of young adolescents, building school culture and climate that fosters an ethics of care. And I like taking pictures of places where I've had the fortune to travel to and enjoy the culture.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Break

Well three more days to go before the traditional holiday break... or is it winter break? School is usually out by the 17th or 18 here in Hawaii. I guess because Christmas falls on a Sunday we finish on Wednesday.

But enough of this small talk. I created this blog to share the stuff I see and hear and feel at school. Join me as I relate the day's events and the children joys and laments. We go...